Kedgeree Autumn Salad

Kedgeree Autumn Salad


1) In a medium-sized saucepan, cook the red lentils in boiling, salted water for 12 minutes. Drain. Refresh with cold water and drain again.

2) Stir in the cumin and turmeric and add the cooked rice. Mix in chilli and spring onions. Arrange salad leaves on a large platter and spoon over the rice mixture.

3) Quarter the boiled eggs and nestle them into the salad. Scatter the tuna around the salad.

4) Combine the remaining ingredients in a small screw-top jar and shake well to emulsify. Trickle dressing over salad.

Kindly shared by Diane Davidson of Auckland: “Here’s a delicious, nutritious autumn salad. I hope you like it as much as we love your Woodland free range eggs. (Lucky chickens!)”

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