Feel Good starts on the Farm

Feel Good starts on the Farm Feel Good starts on the farm
Not a bad view from the office. Our free range farms are beautiful places with acres of lush grass, and thousands of sheltering trees.

Why did the chicken climb the tree?

No joke - hens love perching in trees and with thousands of them on our farms, they’re spoiled for choice. The trees provide shade and shelter including stands of Manuka and Kanuka which are a hit with the local honey bees.

Woodland chicken

Acres to explore

Our hens love exploring in the long grass and they can roam quite a long way in a day. But they always know when to head back to the barn for dinner and lights out.

Woodland team member

Fun & games

Hens are very curious and they love to explore and try new things. To keep our flocks busy and stimulated, we provide them with lots of activities, from strings of shiny CDs, to hay bales and tractor tyres to climb on and our special lucerne chaff piñatas to peck at (or as we like to call them ‘heñadas’!).

Our own special blend of wheat, barley and other grains

Gourmet goodies

Just like supplements for humans, our hens also enjoy a few special treats that keep them in top condition. Oyster grit, made from ground up Bluff oyster shells, is a good source of calcium for strong bones and egg shells. They also love their lucerne chaff, which is packed with protein, fibre and calcium.