What do our Hens eat?

What do our Hens eat?

Our hens are predominantly fed a natural diet based on a mix of wheat and barley, supplemented with other grains as required. If the hens need extra calcium we give them lime grit in separate feeders which helps produce a strong egg shell. This, combined with natural feed such as insects, plants, grains, and legumes eaten during the day ensures the hens produce eggs which have deep-yellow yolks and strong, clear whites.

The premium cereal mix is specially formulated for hen vitality, which leads to superior egg quality. It is made here in the South Island by our sister company, MainFeeds.

To add further variety, the hens have access to different types of fresh pasture, at different times. At Glenpark, Ti Kouka and Hillgrove, we also put out large bales of straw, which they love to peck and forage in. Fresh water is always available inside the barn.

To ensure the feed of our hens meets all of their nutritional needs for growth and production, our specialist nutritionists routinely test the feed ingredients.

We recognise the specific needs of growing hens change as they mature, therefore the hens’ diets are tailored to the different stages of development. Seasonal changes may also require a variation to the standard diet. At all times, the highest quality ingredients are used.