Free to Roam

Free to Roam

WOODLAND hens have the total freedom of beautiful farms with rolling pasture and lots of trees. Every hen can roam as far and wide as she likes, within the paddocks.

Once the sun rises in the mornings we open up the barns. At Ti Kouka, Glenpark and Hillgrove the hens can go out into the winter gardens (litter areas) and/or the pastures beyond...

In all there are 62 hectares at our Glenpark farm, 50 hectares at our Ti Kouka farm and 78 hectares at Hillgrove. While most hens will not spend all day outside, some will choose to.

Hens usually move around in groups, so it is important to rotate the paddocks where they roam. This helps us keep the pasture healthy, in good condition and provide a clean environment for the hens.

At night hens almost invariably return to the security and shelter of their barns to roost.