Our trees

Our trees

In addition to the thousands of already well-established trees at our Glenpark and Ti Kouka farms we have planted thousands more, both exotic and native.

We have selected a mix of evergreen and deciduous trees that will grow from four to 15 metres high. The evergreens include some natives while the deciduous trees are all exotics.

This mixture of species will provide shade and cover, to help draw the birds out into the open areas and make them feel safe. The Manuka/Kanuka copse plantings will provide a good future source of food for honey bees!

The native plantings along our roadsides will provide a great wind buffer along the boundaries. They have been selected primarily for the ability to establish and grow in that area. They will produce a screen of varying heights, form and colours.

Leyland cypress have been planted to provide the main shelter species and will form a dense screen of a height that can be managed by trimming. They will provide excellent shelter for our hens from the cold southerly winds!