Welcome to WOODLAND

Welcome to WOODLAND, where hens roam freely among the trees

Native trees, olive trees, poplar trees, birch trees, pine trees, these are some of the trees that our hens love at WOODLAND.

On our beautiful farms, our hens enjoy the freedom of secure paddocks, where, in addition to the many trees, they are provided with purpose-built and natural shelters. Every hen can roam as far and wide as she likes, within the security of these paddocks.

When outside the barn the hens are free to do what they love doing. For most of the day they’ll hang out under the trees. Foraging for grubs and insects and dustbathing are just a few of the things they can get up to.

This is why we believe our eggs are the very best eggs you can buy – wholesome, tasty and produced with the welfare of the hen and the care for the environment.