Our Farms

Our Farms

Woodland eggs come from only our own farms. Most originate from two beautiful rural properties located in Waitaki, one of the most unspoiled areas of the South Island. The Waitaki region is noted for its temperate climate, clean air, and excellent water quality.

Both properties have impressive stands of trees, along with smaller copses that also provide shade and shelter for our hens. This charming woodland character was the inspiration for our brand name.

Woodland eggs are also supplied by farms further afield.

We are very picky about the farms that join the Woodland family. They must provide a very similar woodland environment, and the farmers themselves must be as passionate about and committed to hen welfare as we are.


Glenpark in Dunback was our first farm to be developed. Free-draining gravel soils promote high quality, clean, healthy pasture, where hens are able to roam free during the day, as well as forage for worms and insects. The large number of established trees on the property have been supplemented by significant planting, giving the hens a great canopy of shelter if and when they need it.

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Ti Kouka (Cabbage Tree) is our second farm, just north of Hampden. Covering 50 hectares, it is also situated on excellent free draining gravels. The resulting high quality pasture contributes significantly to the health of the hens, particularly in winter.

The property also boasts a large number of well-established trees, to which have been added more than a thousand saplings. Shade shelters are abundant, and will remain in place until the trees reach maturity. In all, the farm will be planted with more than 5,000 trees, both natives and exotics.

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Lakeside Farm

This 12-hectare property is situated in picturesque Springston, not far south of Christchurch. The extensive range of trees found around the farm includes poplars, pines, macrocarpa and even roses. These provide excellent shelter for the hens as well as extensive floors for foraging.

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Fresh Field Farm

Framed by the Wairarapa’s majestic Tararuas, Fresh Field Farm is situated on well-drained silt soils that hens really enjoy. Worms and bugs thrive in the pasture, and, as a result, so do the hens. The hens also love the litter from the mature shelter belts, conifers, willows and lucerne.

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