Meet our South Island Free Range Farms Manager

Free Range Quality Manager

Nina Winmill is a 3rd generation poultry farmer – having grown up on what is now our free range rearing farm you could say she has it well in truly in her blood.

“I’m lucky in that each day is very different for me. I get to spend my time between the two laying farms and our rearing farm. I take great pride and interest in being able to see the birds from day old chicks right through to living on the laying farm. I love the variety my job brings, from spending time with the birds to discussing our business and growth plans with my colleagues.”

“I love working with free range birds as they are such a challenge – with free range you can control so little and are exposed to so many different elements that every day brings a new puzzle that needs to be solved. I am surrounded by very knowledgeable people and the poultry industry is making such advancements and improvements that I don’t think you could ever know all there is to know.”

“We have such wonderful stock people looking after our birds. They really take ownership of their flock. I must discuss any changes with them before I make them or I am very unpopular! Some of our stock people have been working with us for 12 years – these guys can walk into a barn and they know if something is up just from the noise the birds are making. Maybe a feeder has broken or there is a wild cat hanging about. The birds will let them know and these guys understand them so well.”

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