Egg Stamping

Egg stamping tells you exactly where your egg is from

It’s always a joy to buy eggs from a stall at the farm gate produced direct from the farm. Part of the pleasure is knowing exactly where those eggs came from.

Woodland gives you that same joy when you buy your eggs in the supermarket. Each one of our eggs is stamped with a Woodland tree symbol and RMP code before it leaves the farm, a code that lets you find out where it was laid.

How do I trace my egg?

You simply come to the home page of this website and enter the code stamped on your Woodland egg. This takes you directly to information about the free range farm where your egg originated. You can see the pasture where the hens roam, and the life they lead.

Where's my egg from

What the code tells you

The tree represents the Woodland brand and inside the tree is the RMP code. This is the code assigned by the Ministry of Primary Industries to each individual farm in the country.

What the code tells you

There is no better provenance story than this.

All the ink we use is food grade (mainly water based) and certified. The colour additives are approved by EU and FDA to be used in food. i.e. You could drink the ink without being harmful to your health.

Why do we want to know where our eggs come from?

We all love fresh eggs from free range farms. With that comes a natural desire to see where the hens live and how well they live.

Egg stamping at Woodland’s farm of origin is the new way to be sure you’re eating genuine free range eggs from Woodland, New Zealand’s favourite free range eggs.