What's Happening on the farm

What’s happening on the farms

  • Hens are in general inquisitive, social creatures.

    A regular visitor dropped in on our flock managers while they were having morning tea a few weeks back. Henifer Aniston, as we call her, is one of our more inquisitive, social girls – but then, aren’t they all?
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  • Worldwide Celebration of Eggs

    ​Friday 14th October was the the worldwide celebration of World Egg Day! Celebrated globally since 1996, World Egg Day has seen a wealth of wonderful events take place internationally including cook-offs, family festivals, cooking demonstrations and nutritional seminars.
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  • Children love playing in the snow…and so do our hens.

    When a big fall came down in late July, it wasn’t back to the barn for these girls at Glenpark. It was get out there and get into it.
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