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Worldwide Celebration of Eggs

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Worldwide Celebration of Eggs

Friday 14 October was the the worldwide celebration of World Egg Day!

Celebrated globally since 1996, World Egg Day has seen a wealth of wonderful events take place internationally including cook-offs, family festivals, cooking demonstrations and nutritional seminars.

Eggs are a popular family choice across the nation for their affordability and versatility in our everyday diets. Kiwis love to start their day with eggs. Traditional favourites include egg & soldiers, eggs on toast, and delicious pancakes.

Over 50% of us choose scrambled eggs as our favourite, and we all adore our Kiwi icons like bacon & egg pie and pavlova.

However you like your eggs, World Egg Day is about embracing this highly nutritious, true superfood.

“Eggs are an important part of the everyday diet for people of all ages. They are very nutritious as they contain a range of nutrients including high quality protein, good fats, vitamins and minerals,” explains NZ Nutrition Foundation Dietician, Sarah Hanrahan.

The New Zealand Nutrition Foundation supports including up to six eggs a week per person in a healthy family diet.

Eggs have the highest nutritional quality protein of all whole food sources. They are ‘nature’s own healthy multivitamin,’containing unique antioxidants and nutrients that many people aredeficient in.

Keep the egg celebration going by heading to and downloading their e-recipe book- a collation of New Zealand’s favourite egg recipes.