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Preparing the paddocks for our girls in Summer.

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Preparing the paddocks for our girls in Summer.

Summer’s here and Pete Dungey our local Groundsman has been busy grooming the ranges for our girls to enjoy. He’s been clearing away weeds and undergrowth from around the base of our young trees to allow for strong new growth.

This is also the season for the more regular sound of the mower which is of great excitement to the girls. They love scratching around the mower and foraging in newly cut paddocks on our two ranges once the soil and grass has been rested.

Pete is forever clearing away fallen branches from our variety of mature trees which is part of the girls’ playground. If these branches are left, the girls seem to think that it’s the perfect place to lay an egg.

Pete will keep busy over summer clearing and repairing fences, to foil any potential escape artists, and maintaining the shelters to ensure the girls have a place to chill in the shade when the hot summer hits.

Just another day in the life of our dedicated team at Woodland.