Meet our people at Glenpark & Ti Kouka

Meet our people at Glenpark & Ti Kouka

  • Nina Winmill

    Nina Winmill

    South Island Free Range Farms Manager

    I love the variety my job brings from spending time with the birds to discussing our business and growth plans with my colleagues.
    We put a lot of thought and effort into making the range as inviting and comfortable as possible for the girls – it’s really satisfying to see this pay off and the birds looking so happy using it.
  • Oza Mae Salinas

    Oza Mae Salinas

    Manager at Glenpark

    Here I am surrounded by happy hens, and the eggs they lay are the best I’ve ever tasted!
  • Dallas Turner

    Dallas Turner


    There are some real personalities - characters I can pick out during the day.
    When we weigh the birds each week the birds literally line up and push in to have 'my turn!'
  • Rob Snow

    Rob Snow

    Maintenance Manager

  • Debbie Boardman

    Debbie Boardman

    Ti Kouka Farm Manager

  • Roan Lee

    Roan Lee

    Planting Consultant

  • John Ollerenshaw

    John Ollerenshaw

    Property maintenance

  • Pania Wereta

    Pania Wereta

    Glenpark Assistant Farm Manager